West Texas Molding

Tooling Fabrication


WTM has a very extensive machine shop, tool & die department, and metal fabrication shop.  this wide-ranging and deep capability enables us to build or repair virtually any mold or ancillary parts that may be required.  this in-house capability also facilites total control over the quality and schedule, two key parts of any project. 

mold making requires special tooling to hold the tolerances and perform the intricate operations often incurred in molds.  machines we currently have include:

HAAS VM3 MoldMaker Vertical Machining Center
•    40x26x25 work envelope
•    12KRPM Spindle w/ TTSC
•    Integrated probing system
•    24 tool auto changer
HAAS VF2SS Vertical Machining Center
•    30x16x work envelope
•    12KRPM Spindle w/ TTSC
•    Integrated probing system
•    24 tool auto changer
•    Rapid transverse movement
Makino F5-XR5 Vertical Machining Center
•    Full 5 axis machining capability
•    30krpm spindle
•    Capable of 0.00006” positioning accuracy
•    30 tool auto changer
•    Laser tool length and integrated measuring system
Brothers HS70A Wire EDM
•    16x10x6 work envelope
•    Automatic wire thread
•    Submerged cutting
Makino DUO-43 Wire EDM
•    17X11X12 work envelope
•    High Energy Applied Technology (H.E.A.T)
•    45deg large taper angle capable
Okamoto ACC 1632D Precision Surface Grinder
•    16x32 work envelope
Brown & Sharpe 818 Precision surface grinder
•    8X18 work envelope
HIBCO Universal Grinder
John Shipman 1311 Cylindrical Grinder
•    10” dia X 18” Envelope
MasterGage 3D Portable CMM
•    Wireless portable operation
•    Reverse engineering capable
•    Verifies work directly to CAD files.
Lucifer Dual Chamber heat treating oven
Misc Manual mills, Lathes, Drill presses, Saws, Presses, and other equipment

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